I Don’t Know What We’re Yelling About!

That eight second clip below is 21st century American politics and religion in a nutshell. This includes the upcoming Obama/Romney election, the current “incident” with Chick Fil’ A, the whole gay marriage debate, and everything else that makes this country a laughingstock to the world at large.


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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What We’re Yelling About!

  1. Great minds, my friend – yours is the fifth blog I’ve hit today talking about our extremist viewpoints these days. I remember less than 20 years ago, when the prevailing attitude towards gays was mostly “meh”, as witnessed through the eyes of several gay and lesbian couples we knew. Today, everybody is screaming, one way or the other. Ditto the political ads – no stands, no ideas, no details, just screaming about how bad the other guy is.
    The best idea I ever saw was the “universal” remote from the movie “Click”, and various TV sci-fi shows. Oh, to be able to hit the “down volume” button, and get EVERYBODY to just CALM DOWN AND QUIT YELLING!
    (Oops – just violated my own concept. Oh well, c’est la vie! :D )

    • Colton says:

      I think everyone just needs to take a giant chill pill and relax. Let gays and lesbians marry, if one feels that in regards to religion it’s wrong, by all means they’re allowed to feel that way. But a lot of this stuff is just plaint stupid and pointless, I agree. :D

      • Interesting coincidence – I was reading your response when a commercial came on, slamming Obama for allowing unemployment to hit 8%. In Spain, general unemployment is almost 25%, and unemployment among your age group is over 50%.
        Suddenly, the old US of A don’t look so bad, huh? :D

      • Colton says:

        Maybe not in those terms but I swear we have the highest percentage of dumb asses per mile in the world.

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